Most your boxes look like they are made more for guys
Should do a box for females
Can call it the high five ✋🏻
Have 5 items in a box
And we all get what the high part
would be for
Or call it she’s gone rogue
Lol can even put fun bongs in the chic box
Like a penis shaped one
And call it Dr Cocks / Cox
Unicorn shaped bong
Lipstick shaped bong
Bullet shaped bong
Grenade shaped bong
Candy skull shaped bong
Papers can be flavors like
Unicorn tears , virgin vanilla ,
5 items could be
Bandanna headband ,Keychain, lip gloss , chap stick, papers , candle , lighter ,
insense , lollipops, bubblegum, sour straws , flash light , pepper spray , pocket knife, face masks , mints , body spray , etc